Dr Steven Carnie

BSc(Hons) (Monash), PhD (ANU)
Phone Number
61 3 8344 5213
Fax Number
61 3 8344 4599
Mathematics & Statistics
Office Location
Rm G18, Bldg 160
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Steven Carnie

Research Interests

  • Thin film drainage
  • Colloidal interactions
  • Hydrodynamics of drops
  • Flow in porous media
  • Electrokinetics

Selected Publications

R R Dagastine, R Manica S L Carnie, D Y C Chan, G W Stevens and F Grieser, “Dynamic forces between two deformable oil droplets in water”, Science 313: 210-213 (2006)

J R Looker and S L Carnie, “Homogenization of the ionic transport equations in periodic porous media”, Transport in Porous Media 65:107-131 (2006)

S L Carnie, D Y C Chan, R R Dagastine, C Lewis and R Manica, “Measurement of Dynamical Forces between Deformable Drops using the Atomic Force Microscope I - Theory”, Langmuir 21: 2912-2922 (2005)

J R Looker and S L Carnie, “The hydrodynamics of an oscillating porous sphere”, Physics of Fluids 16: 62-72 (2004)

J Perez-Juste, L M Liz-Marzan, S L Carnie, D Y C Chan and P Mulvaney, “Electric-Field-Directed growth for Gold Nanorods” Advanced Functional Materials 14: 571-579 (2004)

D S Whyte, S L Carnie and M R Davidson,“Numerical modelling of transitional flow in an industrial homogeniser”, Proceedings of the 6th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, D.Shallcross (Ed.), Institute of Chemical Engineers Australia 1: 1-9 (2002)

J P Ennis, A A Shugai and S L Carnie, “Dynamic mobility of particles with thick double layers in a non-dilute suspension”, J. Colloid and Interface Science 223: 37-53 (2000)