Professor Peter J. Scales

BSc(Hons) (Uni Melb), PhD (Uni Melb), FIChemE, FEA
Program Leader, Solid-Liquid Systems
Phone Number
61 3 8344 6480
Fax Number
61 3 8344 4153
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Office Location
Rm G21, Old Engineering
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Peter Scales

Research Interests

  • Flocculation and coagulation of suspensions
  • Dewatering processes including thickening and filtration
  • Electrokinetics including the experimental determination of high frequency mobility
  • Rheology of concentrated flocculated suspensions
  • Clay swelling and clay suspension rheology
  • Adsorption processes at interfaces
  • Optimisation of process operations for the handling of suspensions of solid particles in water