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Are you a bright science or engineering student interested in undertaking research in nanoscience, environmental waste and water engineering, tissue engineering, ultrasonics, emulsion technology, biomaterials, minerals processing or geopolymers?

PFPC students have the opportunity to work on a broad range of multidisciplinary projects across interfacial science and engineering with some of the world’s leading scientists and engineers.

The PFPC also offers placements for students from participating overseas institutions to work on a collaborative research project as part of their studies.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to research makes it an exciting research centre of which to be a part. Students and researchers come from all over the world to join our centre.

Undergraduate Research Programs

Students are able to carry out undergraduate research programs within the PFPC. These minor research projects are typically conducted in the final year of study.

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Graduate Research Degrees

The PFPC is committed to recruiting and educating high quality graduates who wish to pursue Masters or PhD programs.

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